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poor and making it

tips & tricks on living poor
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1. All posts and comments are to be stated with respect to others. No name calling, bashing, mimicking, slandering etc. This is a judgment free community.

2. No referral posts. These will be rejected from the approval que by the moderators.

3. No work from home or survey site posts. These will be rejected from the approval que by the moderators.

4. No illegal activity is to be mentioned in posts.

5. Posters are HIGHLY encouraged to tag their own posts before posting using the list of tags already established for this community.

6. Back and forth bickering between posters is not tolerated.

7. Moderators reserve the right to delete any posts or comments without warning for violation of any rules.

8. Please keep posts on topic of the community. Try a two minute internet search before posting.

9. Community promotion will be allowed for other communities with shared interests of this community.

10. Comment deletion is prohibited and is for use by the moderators. Typically, if a nonconstructive argument is going on in a post, the entire post will be deleted.

11. No personal selling, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist etc. allowed in your posts.

12. Please remember that your post will NOT BE IMMEDIATELY available. All posts go through an approval que and the moderators will go through them as soon as possible.

13. Any questions and concerns should be addressed to impi_batso's email: yayoubetcha@gmail.com

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