Minor Mentalhealth care in GA?

A friend has an elementary school age kid in Georgia, near Atlanta. Said kid is seeing a counselor. However, the program that has been paying for the kid to see the counselor expires soon. Do you know of any programs my friend could apply to for assistance paying for the counselor visits? They were turned down by PeachCare.
I can recommend the Care and Counseling Center in Decatur as a really good place. Most of the counselors there will do a sliding-scale fee based on income or use money from grants to help you afford your counseling. JoEllen Holmes and Monica Dutke are specialized in children, but I believe there are several others there who are as well.


Hope this helps!
I've been to Decatur, never heard of their care and counseling center providing that level of assistance though. Do you have a website for them?
The kid might be able to get it through their school for free, although they might not be able to keep the same counselor they have now.
Could a 504 or IEP be written to have counseling services provided to the child?