Looking for Adobe advice

One way I've saved money in the past is by buying older (unused) versions of Adobe programs on ebay instead of buying the latest version.  I'm planning to buy a new computer sometime this year which means upgrading to Windows 7.

Does anyone know the oldest version of Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign that will play nicely with Windows 7? 

And yes, I need to get full versions and stick with Adobe.
Windows 7 has a nifty feature where you can run older programs as if it were 98/2000/ME/XP/3.0/whatever. I am running a super old program (for Win 98) and having no issues in compatibility mode. I dont think you'll have any problems.
Oh my gosh, how do you do this?! I have some ooooooold games I would love to bust out. :D
Install as normal. Afterwards you can right click and either choose "Troubleshoot compatibility" and go through the wizard, or just choose the version of Windows you want to run it as. I have tried the wizard and sometimes it works, sometimes not. It always work when I choose the version myself, according to the system requirements on the box. Also, click "run as administrator." ;)
Hm...how about Win 95? I have a couple of games I'd love to be able to play again.

Even if not, that's really good news. I have Photoshop 6 and InDesign CS (wasn't as worried about the latter). I'll still have to buy Illustrator, but this sounds like I'll have options.
If you are in college (I think alumnis can get discounts too), adobe sometimes gives huge discounts to college students. In the range 50-80% off.
Could you pay a student to buy it for you, realistically how many students really need to buy it?
This is one of those things where I'm blocked by my sense of ethics. If it was a case of desperation, I might take a step like that...but since I have other non deceptive ways of getting what I need, my ethical code won't allow it.

And yes, I realize it's not a major evil, but I have a lot of respect for Adobe....so it's a respect issue for me.
I have Photoshop 7 and Illustrator 10 running on Win7 64-bit, without having to mess with any compatibility settings - the installers set everything up just fine, and I was using both right after resetting the system. After Effects 5.0 wouldn't install, but the 5.5 installer and application worked fine. I kept 'em for a few proprietary plug-ins that just won't run on newer versions.

Sometimes you can get a great deal on a newer package. On Cragslist I was able to recently buy Adobe CS3 "Design" Standard, all still sealed in original packaging, for less (just under $200, shipped) than I sometimes see individual copies of older programs. Maybe it was a fluke deal, but it's worth keeping an eye out for.
you've bought them on amazon? amazon wouldn't let me sell mine...although they are educational versions so that might have something to do with it.
I'm running Acrobat 8 Pro on Win 7 (not in any sort of compatibility mode) and it's a-okay. :) (I think this is two versions out of date now?)

(And I want to give you major props for buying Adobe products and not torrenting them or anything. Good software is worth paying for.)
How about older versions of MsWord. I'd love to run Word 97 again. :o)
I'm running MsWord 2000 on my Windows 7 system. Only draw back is newer versions of Word are needed to convert my story files to Kindle, so I use the library computers for that.

But given other responses 97 would probably work...not sure how easy it is to find new copies still.