May 21st, 2007


It's probably not new...

But I've rediscovered how much I like my "endless scrambles."

See, I hate leftovers.  I always fix too much food, but then, when it sits on the fridge until a new civilization forms in the tupperware, I feel horribly guilty because I have to throw it out, and I might as well just flush that cash.

One of the things I discovered in my "broker than %$&#* phase was that I'll eat just about anything in an omelet.  I've even had a tuna omelet and that was better than I thought it would be. 

So, I decided to try something.  I'd made a scramble one morning, and made too much, as always.  Rather than haul that container out and nuke it, I'd started another scramble, but found myself low on ingredients, so I grabbed the leftover scramble and tossed it in there with a can of green beans.  It was fantastic.  I had leftovers so I used it again the next day.  Needless to say, there was leftover and on and on and on.

This morning, I threw leftover scramble in, mushroom, bacon, yellow squash and leftover rib-eye.  It's wonderful.

I've used green beans, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, damn near anything that doesn't run fast enough.  If you use wet stuff, like tomatoes or spinach, give yourself a few extra minutes to cook the liquid out, or you'll end up with wet goo. 

I tend not to use chicken in the scrambles, just because I don't like the way it cooks up, but it does work.  Anything with a really strong flavor will overpower the milder stuff and cheese is always good to stick it together with. 

For me, it's a good way to use up leftovers, and I don't feel so guilty about them.
Whispering love

A better way to handle it...

So, we are a poor skills community and as someone posted in a comment recently, sometimes personal beliefs can help make poverty a little more bearable.

In the spirit of sharing these ideas and tips, what beliefs help you make it from paycheck to paycheck? I'll share some of mine below:

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Now, post your mental tricks/beliefs/things that get you through the day!
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AIO Printer/Scanner/Copier for under$25!!!!

I have been a member here for awhile, and commented a bit, but never had much to contribute until today!
For a limited time, Staples is clearing out all their HP2575 Photosmart AIO printer/Scanner/Copiers for $23.50!!! These are NOT floor models either, they are new in the box.  The best part is that this item is also digital camera don't need a computer to print photos, as, it has a screen that allows you to print directly from your camera!
Just thought I'd share.......happy shopping!

Credit Disputes

Alright. Back when I was seventeen, I was in the hospital and had anesthesia. I was on medicaid at the time.

About two years ago I got a call from the collections agency about the account and I explained that I was a minor at the time and they said no problem, they would take care of it.

About 6 months ago I go to check my credit report, because as far as I knew, I had no credit. Wrong. This 3,300 charge has been charged off on my account. So I disputed it through Experian, explaining the situation.

The investigation came back today, and not in my favor.

Advice on where to go next? How to handle the situation? I need to build some credit and at the moment this ridiculous charge is the only thing holding me back and I thought it had been taken care of.

poor (and crippled!)

So, I wanted to do something fun (and get out of my college town) and cheap this weekend. it wasn't going to be too difficult..

except my friend sprained her foot last saturday so that rules our hiking/camping plan (and i'm thinking most outdoorsy things, she's on crutches!)

So....what can we do for fun that doesn't involve a lot of walking?

I'm thinking we'd have to scratch the whole trip idea and instead do one or two day trips somewhere..

we're in the sacramento area.


extra income

so thanks to a remarkably understanding boss, i leave work at 3 every day to get my kids from school. the problem is, while they are playing outside, i am sitting here either staring at the computer or worrying about paying the bills i can't pay or... well, actually, that's pretty much it. i am trying to think of something i can do from home for a few hours a day. i like to write, and i think i am pretty good when i am on form, but where would i look to find work like that? i would like to get to a place in my life where i don't need to worry about bills - and i don't mean credit cards, as i have none, i mean basic anyone?

if this post is inappropriate please delete; i see the drama llama has already been through a couple of times today and i don't wish to stir anything else up.

Planning a gathering ^____^

I need the following in bulk, stat:

3 cases of diapers (important: adult size)
12 sippy cups
Jammies (again, adult size)
Lots and lots of chlorophyll tablets

I need this as cheaply as possible.  I've been looking around at the medical supply places, but they either do not sell direct to the public, or require doctor approval.  I hold these events often enough that wholesale prices are preferred.