Dealing with beggers

I tend to give benefit of the doubt when I'm approached for money, but there have been times I've had this lingering feeling of being scammed. Some people I can tell right away are being sincere, and then there's the "gimme fiddy cent" types that I'm confident in ignoring.

What are your experiences with beggers, and do you have any special skills in assessing someone's honesty? I want to help people, but I also am aware that scammers are working in the fields, too. I often have to live the ramen noodle lifestyle myself, so I don't like being taken advantage of.

Oh, and someone once demanded that I give them money "in Jesus's name." I highly recommend not using that angle if you're ever in need.
When I was on the street I would only ever take food from people I knew were safe. The same church people would come around every day with sandwiches. Also, taking someone's leftovers leaves you open to infectious diseases like hep B and the flu.
So the homeless don't have a right to a meat free diet?
Except strict vegetarians might actually get ill from eating meat if they haven't in a very long time. Not sure if I'd rather be hungry or ill. Vomiting just isn't that much fun.
You get to be and feel whatever you like actually. Being homeless does not make a person any less human. Maybe you should "suck up" your bigoted attitude.
How is it offered in goodwill if you attach a bunch of conditions and judgments to it?
What kind of "conditions and judgments" are attached to a meat sandwich that you're giving someone? If they don't want it because of dietary concerns, they can politely say so.
When they have the money to buy their own food, they can have that freedom. It isn't a right. In the mean time, they can just politely decline these acts of goodwill.
Eating meat may have made him don't know why he didn't take it.

And yeah...just because you are homeless doesn't mean you have to eat whatever people offer you. You have a right to choose.

I haven't ate meat in 7 years. I would turn down something with meat in it too. I would rather go hungry, then eat your burrito and be sick for days.

You have no idea why these people are homeless or how long they've been homeless. You have no idea why he was eating a vegetarian diet, so I think it is wrong to judge. Homeless people have health problems too. They can't just eat whatever shit is available, no matter how hungry they are.

Plus....wrapped up or not...I don't know you. Why should I trust you to just hand me a burrito. You know where it came from and you know what is in it, I don't.
LOL I had almost the exact same experience once (Chipotle and all). Except the guy I offered asked, "Is there BEEF in it?" Which to me, is really even worse. Excepting the possibility that he's Hindu (which I doubt, as he was in no visible way of Indian descent), I can't understand how you can be homeless and also picky about your red meat. Sure, it's not good for you... but it's better than STARVING, right?
A) You can be Hindu without being Indian.
B) People can have reactions to meats, just like they can have reactions to nuts, fruits, and grains. It's possible he was allergic or sensitive to beef. As a homeless person with no insurance (and presumably no access to health care) it seems to me that you would be MORE cautious about those things, not less.