has a pretty solid directory.

Within that network, has a very well updated by users list of gas prices in the state of Florida for various cities.

In Pittsburgh it is time to take advantage of the excellent Public Transportation if you can. We fill up our tank maybe once a month.
Don't worry! That's still a bargain compared to Canadian gas prices! You're only paying $0.767/litre we're paying $1.21/litre ($4.84/gallon).

To the OP. gasbuddy is definitely the way to go, but just be aware that going too far out of your way for gas could negate the possible savings.
I paid $2.93 on Saturday at Costco in Altamonte Springs (near Orlando) and kicked myself when I went to the grocery store in Clarcona later that day, and saw that the Hess next door had gas for $2.91.
My city is varying (according to between 1.109/L ($4.20/gallon) and 1.249/L which is 4.73/gallon.

Same in milwaukee. Everywhere around my area is 3.49, luckily I can walk to work and the grocery store so I won't be doing much driving this summer!
i just paid 3.64 a gallon and that was the cheapest place i could find.
Austin, TX $2.87 is our lowest.

OT, i've been on a scooter for the past 4 years so the hike hasn't really affected me. i use maybe 1 gallon a week...awesome...i highly recommend it! but this fall i'm doing an internship with immense commuting involved, about 60 miles/day. i have to get a car and it hurts to think how expensive gas is going to be on top of that...ugh.
It's also a quote from Farscape...wait for the wheele of fortune to come back around to your side. In time, all things can change, even if it seems nothing will ever change.
I use a Mac Dashboard widget that automatically scans gas prices within a certain radius of your location (set in preferences) and displays the cheapest price currently available.