Right, what Kristy said. A lot of "hidden fees" with cellphone providers are explained in not-so-fine print. Do your research. Understand that, with premium content, there are opt-outs before you proceed with a vote/download/message. And if your problem originated in the retail location, go back to that location for a resolution. Retail works out of a different budget than the call center; retail probably knows exactly what the issue is, since they probably created it or were oblivious to it because they just want to make the sale; and there are self-service options. In the end, it's your service you chose to sign up for. Be responsible for it and don't whine and bitch to customer service. If you educate yourself, take responsibility, and proceed in a calm and polite manner when there is a legitimate complaint, your experience with a wireless provider is bound to be much better for all around.