Planning a gathering ^____^

I need the following in bulk, stat:

3 cases of diapers (important: adult size)
12 sippy cups
Jammies (again, adult size)
Lots and lots of chlorophyll tablets

I need this as cheaply as possible.  I've been looking around at the medical supply places, but they either do not sell direct to the public, or require doctor approval.  I hold these events often enough that wholesale prices are preferred.
I think her problem was, she deseperately wanted to be an intellectual, when in fact she was just a gold diggin' bimbo.
So I mean, every time she dealt with someone who actually had half a brain, she tried to be all "cool", (Which infuriated me, as I LOOOVED the older science teacher lady, who WAS actually smart) and damned near everytime she actually conversed with me, I'd own her, and turn around and talk about how great the other one was.
I think she hated me cause one of the male coaches like me, but he only liked me because I was fast. Seriously, like a bad teenage movie. I was running cause someone had pissed me off, and he stopped me and was like, "You ever think about doin' track?"
Huh whu?
Did it for a little bit, couldn't handle the jock girls. GOD that town is sick with sports fever.
I am really hesitant to like, disclose any further, ya know, Eljay eyeballs and all.
But yep, suffice it to say, small world.