Planning a gathering ^____^

I need the following in bulk, stat:

3 cases of diapers (important: adult size)
12 sippy cups
Jammies (again, adult size)
Lots and lots of chlorophyll tablets

I need this as cheaply as possible.  I've been looking around at the medical supply places, but they either do not sell direct to the public, or require doctor approval.  I hold these events often enough that wholesale prices are preferred.
Ya wanna really bake yer noodle?
I think I know you.
I would have graduated same class ish, same small town school. Yep. Right over by the Christian center, yes?
Good ol' H-town.
I just went to your profile to see who I was getting the blowing goodness by and LO AND BEHOLD its another Arkie.
From the same small assed town.
Bet you wouldn't recognize me if you had known me tho. ;)
Shit I am in fucking SEDALIA, so I can't fault you much.
The midwest is a fucking cesspool blackhole.
Chances are VERY VERY good you made fun of me. Or maybe you didn't. Some didn't.
You remember that chic that got hit by the truck?
LOL Unless you are talking about a recent one..I mean, this happened to me, way the heck back in like seventh grade.
Got a TBI and some funny twitches from it, but that's usually the only way anyone from there ever knows me.
Well, some remember me as 'that crazy bitch who kept putting things in that red headed gym/science teacher's drinks' (I cannot remember her name..she like, married that jeweler guy) but not much else.