poor (and crippled!)

So, I wanted to do something fun (and get out of my college town) and cheap this weekend. it wasn't going to be too difficult..

except my friend sprained her foot last saturday so that rules our hiking/camping plan (and i'm thinking most outdoorsy things, she's on crutches!)

So....what can we do for fun that doesn't involve a lot of walking?

I'm thinking we'd have to scratch the whole trip idea and instead do one or two day trips somewhere..

we're in the sacramento area.

Just a word of warning - I have done the "trip out on Crutches" things from both points of view, as a companion and as the unfortunate cripple. Even for the fittest and keenest soul on crutches moving around can be exhausting and frustrating. I was reduces to tears several times when I found that "that place is only another block on", or, having got there, discovered no level access. Worst of all is being stuck at the end of a long walk, exhausted, in pain, late in the day, with no way of getting back except the same long haul on one foot, over rough ground uphill...

Also remember that crutches make it much harder to carry bags, particularly if you are new to them - you may need to carry stuff for your friend.

Just be patient with us gimpy types, make sure you always have an non-walking escape route back from where you're heading - and if necessary accept that some stuff will have to wait until the next break when you have the full number of working legs between you.

Whatever you chose, I hope you both have a great weekend!