poor (and crippled!)

So, I wanted to do something fun (and get out of my college town) and cheap this weekend. it wasn't going to be too difficult..

except my friend sprained her foot last saturday so that rules our hiking/camping plan (and i'm thinking most outdoorsy things, she's on crutches!)

So....what can we do for fun that doesn't involve a lot of walking?

I'm thinking we'd have to scratch the whole trip idea and instead do one or two day trips somewhere..

we're in the sacramento area.

Go take a walk/limp around McKinley Park downtown, the rose garden should be blooming and it's beautiful. And not too big, and there are benches that you can sit on if your friend gets too tired.

I agree with the first commenter, come up to Tahoe! I live up there and a couple weeks ago a friend from Sac and I took a drive all around the lake and stopped at all the vista points and took photos of the lake from all sides, it was so much fun! Find a cheap hotel room (I run a motel, I'll give you a good rate :) and then spend the day on the beach one day.

In Sac, also, you could go to the Governor's Mansion, and there are a TON of parks all around that are free to go to. I used to go to a different park every weekend while I was living down there. Look in the News and Review and see if the museums are doing anything special for the weekend, since it's a holiday.

On Sunday's the Crocker Art museum is free from 10AM to 1PM, you have to pay for parking I believe, but it's not that much. http://www.sacmuseums.org/findamuseum.html There's info on all the museums in Sac there, even the ones you have to pay for are really inexpensive.