poor (and crippled!)

So, I wanted to do something fun (and get out of my college town) and cheap this weekend. it wasn't going to be too difficult..

except my friend sprained her foot last saturday so that rules our hiking/camping plan (and i'm thinking most outdoorsy things, she's on crutches!)

So....what can we do for fun that doesn't involve a lot of walking?

I'm thinking we'd have to scratch the whole trip idea and instead do one or two day trips somewhere..

we're in the sacramento area.

If you are into birding, there is a wildlife refuge up in Gridley. The American River Parkway and Discovery Park would be good as well. Find a spot park your car and pull out the binoculars.

Driving along some of the levy roads along the Sacto river can be nice if you don't want to go up 49 (it IS a beautiful drive and Nevada City is cool)

If you are of age Napa and Sonoma are nearby for wine tasting.