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Your thoughts please?

Should people put most of their volunteer efforts behind:

a. making poverty more comfortable for as many of the poor as possible. providing food and necessities and such. volunteering in soup kitchens, cooking for the poor, working at a free care clinic, teaching them basic survival skills, etc.
b. trying to lift people out of poverty. much more time intensive and can only work 1 on 1 with one or two people at a time. teaching them advanced skills, helping them job hunt, helping them in any way possible to immigrate out of poverty and into the middle class.

Which is the more biblical and practical response that one should focus on? Scripture says the poor will always be among us so does that mean we should just accept that and focus more on option a? Or should we fight to move people out of poverty instead?

Your thoughts? Which poor skills are more important- skills to get out of poverty or skills to endure poverty?

EDIT: I'm asking the question here because its relevant to ask people interested in poor skills which poor skill they find more valuable- how to get out of poverty or how to endure poverty more comfortably.

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