Substitute for hair gel etc?

I am all out of hair gunk (gel, spray, everything) and I have to look really nice tomorrow. Any ideas on making anything along those lines out of everyday household items?

The Ivory soap and Elmer's glue mixture I used to style my hair in the 80s won't cut it tomorrow, either, lol!

Thanks, you inventive people.
I second this. In a pinch it works a defrizzer, too. Though it makes you smell like lotion on your head all day.
If you have aloe vera it can be used as hair gel. Also as shaving gel and tons of other uses. Or so my bottle says :/
Gelatin (unflavored, obviously), aloe (preferably natural but the drugstore additive-having kind will work in a pinch, or flaxseed oil will all make reasonable gel substitutes.

But really, scraping together fifty cents and getting a travel-sized bottle of commercial hair product or borrowing a dollop from a friend or neighbor is easier and cheaper in the short term. I've used homemade gels before, and they're good, especially if you're on a low-shampoo haircare regimen, but they take some getting used to and you'd be better off with whatever product you're used to.
Sorry, I didn't mean flaxseed oil, I meant flaxseed soaked in water- the oil will be gross, but flaxeed forms a sort of gel if you soak it in a little water.

I shouldn't type and watch TV at the same time.
flax seed gel is what ladies used for their crazy retro hairdos back in the day before mousse and such.
Thanks! I always think I can make anything ... sometimes I'm right, but sometimes it's a disaster! :)
dont some people use egg whites?

Yes, but beware - I've heard that egg whites do NOT come out- no matter how many times you wash your hair.

Are there any remnants of gel left in your bottle? Take a small amount of water, swish it around & use that. Or, as others have suggested, just go get a 99c. bottle. If it's an important event, now's not the time to take risks with something new.
sugar and water. or 99 cent store gel. unless your camping or something. Egg whites are for nutrition not styling. unless ur trying to keep up a mohawk. put the sugar in a spray bottle and add hot water, then shake to mix it up.
Walgreens always has hair stuff - free after rebate - check out their little booklet in the front of the store.. Excerd does this too.
I haven't any suggestions, but
The Ivory soap and Elmer's glue mixture I used to style my hair in the 80s won't cut it tomorrow, either, lol!
gave me a good laugh!