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I need to pick up a laptop next week, likely from Best Buy. This is to replace my failing laptop Dell. I've had Dells the last three years and none of them have lasted past a year. I'm not buying another Dell laptop under any circumstances. But the problem is, now I don't know what to buy.

I'm willing to go from good specs to moderate specs for this, as my school is buying me a Powerbook in February. What I care about right now is hardware quality, and that it stays around or under $800. This is being bought for me, so I'd rather not push the price to all get-out. I need a laptop that will be rugged enough to survive high-travel and high-impact but have a decent size monitor and a standard keyboard (not one of those tiny keys or anti-crumb keys or other special features). I have fibromyalgia, as well as other neuropathic disorders, and they demand both of these. It also needs to not weigh like a brick.

I am not buying a netbook and I haven't bought outside of Dell in a long time, so I post here. Does anyone have any advice, ideas or experience on this? :/

Thank you so much!
As a fellow sufferer from fibromyalgia, I'd suggest a full size keyboard in addition to whatever laptop you get. Laptop keyboards kill me, no matter what size they are. (with the only exception being on some of the newer mac laptops, which are definitely not a poor skill to buy.)
I had been considering that but I hadn't been sure if it was unwieldy to use an outside keyboard or not. But since I've passed over several brands in the past because of keyboard alone, it's worth thinking about. Thank you so much!

Yeah, I think Mac hates us. I tend to accidentally hit two or three keys at a time on the affordable ones. XD;