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I need to pick up a laptop next week, likely from Best Buy. This is to replace my failing laptop Dell. I've had Dells the last three years and none of them have lasted past a year. I'm not buying another Dell laptop under any circumstances. But the problem is, now I don't know what to buy.

I'm willing to go from good specs to moderate specs for this, as my school is buying me a Powerbook in February. What I care about right now is hardware quality, and that it stays around or under $800. This is being bought for me, so I'd rather not push the price to all get-out. I need a laptop that will be rugged enough to survive high-travel and high-impact but have a decent size monitor and a standard keyboard (not one of those tiny keys or anti-crumb keys or other special features). I have fibromyalgia, as well as other neuropathic disorders, and they demand both of these. It also needs to not weigh like a brick.

I am not buying a netbook and I haven't bought outside of Dell in a long time, so I post here. Does anyone have any advice, ideas or experience on this? :/

Thank you so much!
I wouldn't go with Acer - everyone I know who had one has had exactly the same problems: first, the motherboard needing to be replaced within two years of ownership; secondly, the power cable needing to be replaced within two to three years of ownership; and finally, the screen breaking/cracking/going black unless positioned at a certain angle within two years of ownership.
Oh my Gosh, I had been wondering if my Acer situation was atypical, but this concerns me. Because I had an Acer and this is the exact thing it went through with the exact same timetable, down to trying to run the power two weeks ago. (I only need a new laptop because it stopped running as my backup).

That is pretty frightening. Thank you, this helps so much.
Same. Me and 2 of my friends had the same brand of Acer Laptop (which Acer now claims never existed) and each had the power plug port break (one of us never even moved it from a table and basically used it as a desktop computer so how that happened I dont know), and the motherboard frying, and the touchpad mouse breaking, and keyboard keys stopping working randomly.
i too am having issues with the screen wigging out unless i can get it angled just right. i have only had it for a year. it also runs really slow for me, but that might just be the processing power that just isn't there.