Dollar-a-Day Challenge

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If you saved a dollar every day, at the end of the year you would have $365.00.  How could you get the most out of $365.00?

Reply with your answers. Answers can be fun or serious. This is meant to be a mental exercise.

I would spend every red cent to get myself a netbook! I have been dying for one but can't justify the cost.

If I was feeling less spendy, I'd throw it all in my savings account and keep it under lock and key.
$360 would go towards my Perkins Loan - not quite enough to vanquish it, but it would take it down from three digits to two. (I'm hoping to have this paid off by the end of the year.)

$5 would go with me to the library and help me pick out some trashy novels, then take me to the store and buy me a drink and a sweet of some kind. (It might also get me a lottery ticket if I'm feeling particularly optimistic, but I buy these more for the fun of imagining what I would do if I won a bajillion dollars than because I think I'm actually going to win a bajillion dollars. I only do this 4-5 times a year and it usually pays for itself.) Then books, drink, sweet, change, and inevitably losing lottery ticket and I would all go home and snuggle on the couch with a blanket and my MP3 player (and probably a cat or two, as at least one of them is a regular heat seeking missile at this time of year and can hear the sound of a flannel blanket being unfolded no matter where he is in the house), while I gloat to myself about being out of college and thus able to read WHATEVER I WANT WHENEVER I WANT TO MUAHAHAHA. (Well, with some limitations - day job and all.)

ETA: I was just thinking about something similar to this, actually - I recently went off of a medication that cost slightly less than $30 a month and was entertaining myself with what I could do with the money saved. (In reality, it'll probably go to student loans and other expenses, but you CAN buy over 34,000 gumballs with $365 if you so desire. Just sayin'.)

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I don't know if I could even save that dollar, I would probably spend it in the moment! :)
I'd go out for a nice, expensive dinner at a nearby French restaurant and have a very nice bottle of wine. And it would be awesome.
either i'd buy an ipad, or get myself some new clothes- i'm 15lbs lighter then i was before i got preggers, and 40 lbs lighter then when i tried o get pregnant, so everything is a bit big on me. or i'd buy fabric to make clothes...
thanks.... its because of the breastfeeding, i'm sure of it- the baby is a liposuction machine!!!! I eat like a pig or rather, I have the appetite of a teenage boy! lol!
I was so happy when this happened to me. I lost 20 lbs during my pregnancy and another 40 from breast feeding. It was my saving grace.

Congrats on the baby and the weight loss, and BFing.
I would hit Half Price Books! Do you know how many used books you can get with $365? I don't either, but it would be fun to find out. :D
For books, I'd do the Friends Of Pima Library Book Sale bag day...73 bags, average 20 per bag, so around 1460 books.
$262- 10 Day Ticket to Disney World
I'd use the rest on merchandise and food. Dang, now I want the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom.
I would buy a round-trip plane ticket and visit my family in LA. Since I don't have much money, I get to see them (maybe) once a year. :(
Buy a chest freezer so I can cook more freezer meals, and improve our food storage.
Cruise, trip to PR.

If those weren't in the cards, paying off my credit cards.
i'd buy a three wheel bicycle/adult trike with the basket between the back wheels, and a leash hook up for my dogs and take them out on more trails. i dont have enough balance to ride a regular bike anymore.
New external hard drive, new cooking pots, and take my good friend out for dinner and a movie.
Work on grad school apps, and buy the Venture Bros dvds. (First time living on my own ... well, in a townhouse with roommates, and we decided to not have cable. And is either being funky, or just not showing all of the episodes, so, at the end of the year I'm going to splurge on the Season 4.5 dvd)
The Venture Brothers DVDs were some of the best investments I ever made to my DVD library. Also, the commentary is fantastic.
I only have Season 1 on dvd but the "Special Features" with the actors dressed up with the characters was amazing! (My mom bought me Season 1 of Venture Bros and Metalocalypse for Christmas and the summary on the back is just so hilariously serious, she was so confused. "I don't know what this is, or why you like it, so I won't watch it with you. I don't want to know.")

I was just SO STOKED for the new season and when I tried to watch "The Diving Bell vs. The Butterglider" on AS, only the first five minutes loaded. That is pure torture.
$200 would go to fly my boyfriend to Chicago for the weekend.

The rest would go towards my Credit Card.
Rent a HemiSUV with my banked points, pack with brand new essentials, and roundroadtrip it to Texas. <3
I'd pay an outstanding bill (about 85$), the rest would be divided up and go into my savings accounts.