Free/Low Cost Birth Control near Atlanta, GA

I took a peek in the memories and got some general information but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more specific. My friend recently moved to the Atlanta area and is running out of her birth control. She has no insurance and is currently unemployed. She has been looking for a job for the past two months but without much luck.

Does anyone know where to get free or reduced birth control near the atlanta area? I know planned parenthood is a good start but does anyone know what their charges would be like in her situation or if there's somewhere else that would provide them for free? It would be nice to have a short list of places to call/look into. I feel silly asking this but they don't list any rates on their site and I'm not sure if all of them are sliding scale or just the one in downtown atlanta.

Thanks in advance!
Fulton County health department.

Per their website for women's health services including birth control: "No one will be refused services because of income status (ability to pay), race, ethnic background, religion, country of birth, or gender preference."
Definitely this. When I was younger I always went to the health dept in my town (also in GA), and everything was on a sliding scale. Even with a full-time retail income I didn't pay anything for the gyno visit + a year's worth of pills. They also give out bags of free condoms and vitamins, if your levels of things like iron are low.
I get my birth control for free and I have insurance and no job. Most they will ask for is a donation (or at least in california)
Im in CA as well, and when I was in between jobs a few years ago, Planned Parenthood charged NOTHING for birth control. Now I use my insurance, but even still, the co-pay is nothing, like $10 for a 3 month supply.
Yeah, it's not like that everywhere. I'm in FL, was jobless/low income with a kid, and I still paid $25/mo.

It's area/grant dependent.
I believe all Planned Parenthood's are sliding scale, but HOW sliding scale depends on their funding.
If she can get to a doctor (at some sort of indigent clinic) and get on a prescription for a BCP that's on the low-cost generic list that some pharmacies have (Wal-Mart and Target come to mind, although there are definitely others), she could get it pretty inexpensively. I've gotten Tri-Sprintec for $9/month at Target for a couple of years now.

It's the same list on which these pharmacies tout $4 generic meds, and as far as I know it's a nationwide thing. I've never seen a BCP on that list for less than $9, though. However, $9 is less than half the price that I've ever paid before, even as an insurance co-pay!
erg. Thinking back, it couldn't possibly have been two years that I've gotten it for $9 at Target, but the rest of the post is accurate.
Target gave me Tri-Sprintec for $5/month, I just had to get enrolled in their auto-refill program :-)
You're welcome! I didn't know either until I went to go pick up my first refill after signing up for that service, and I don't remember them mentioning the discount when I did, so it was certainly a pleasant surprise! $5/month is an awesome deal.
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